Međunarodni dan ATSEP osoblja 12.11.2017. godine

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

U nastavku je čestitka IFATSEA direktora za Evropu vezano za Međunarodni dan ATSEP osoblja.

Dear colleagues,

The 12th of November has been set as the International Day of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP).  On this day, every one of us has the opportunity to show how  proud we are of our profession andour accomplishments.  Our critical role in safet and efficiency of Aviation is more than ever recognised and respected.

November 12 also reminds us to reflect on how the profession has changed and how it can change in the future.  Space-based surveillance, remote towers and Cybersecurity will have a profound impact on our work.  Maybe fewer of us will be required to maintain communication or ground-based navigational aids. However more us of will be required to take on new skills and acquire even deeper and more demanding  knowledge in systems operation and integration. We look forward to the challenges and to embrace and adress the technological change and make sure we create  new opportunities for our profession.

In my capacity as Director Europe and an ATSEP, I would like to wish you all a nice International Day of the ATSEP.

Costas Christoforou

IFATSEA Director Europe